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Unique Experiences in Marrrakech

Not many have heard of Marrakech, and although that may be the case, there’s plenty for you to discover there. Filled with Islamic, Andalusian, and North African influences, you’ll find Marrakech to live up to its namesake as the “symbol of Morroco” and one of the four imperial cities. There’s plenty to do in the city with a history that dates back to Neolithic times, but see below for some unique experiences…..

Saadian Tombs

Sticking with the “antiquity” theme, a very Marrakech-specific activity is to visit the Saadian Tombs. Created in the 17th century by the Saadian Sultan Ahmad Al Mansour, this site is a collection of tombs to house the Sultan and successive generations. They’re covered in beautiful mosaics and traditional Muslim burial elements, while the gravesite is constructed using a tile mosaic.

Learn the Art of Hikayat

Hikayat is the ancient art of storytelling which was an actual position in the imperial court during the 9thcentury. Over the years, the practice has waned, so the current practitioners play a critical role in preserving the art. Visit Café Clock for a unique storytelling experience.

Bahia Palace

When setting up a trip to Morroco, Bahia Palace is one can’t miss location. This expansive palatial estate contains over 160 spaces for you to explore. As a result, the actual layout of the palace is more like a labyrinth, with no clear direction or path, and that adds to the beauty of the experience. Note the stucco carvings (with Arabic inscriptions) and muqarnas on the walls and marble and mosaic tilework during your visit.

Jemaa el Fnaa Square

Jemaa el Fnaa Square is the busiest square in all of Africa, which is saying something considering the continent’s size. Vendors in the square include foodstuffs, henna, clothes, and much more. Walking through the square is an experience you won’t want to miss.

Discover the Desert

How many people do you know can say they truly experienced the desert? Marrakech gives you an excellent opportunity, as right outside of the city is the Agafay desert. Some of the fun activities you can do while there include driving an ATV, riding a camel, or even spending an evening in the desert.


Henna is a prevalent cultural tradition in Morocco in general, and Marrakech is no exception. There are a ton of vendors in Jemaa el Fnaa Square and throughout the city as well. You can find intricate designs, black, brown, and green tea dyes, and a passion for the technique.

Marrakech has been around for thousands of years, so time has contributed to the city’s character. Moroccan culture, tourist-friendly activities, and iconic destination make Marrakech the next destination for you. I encourage you to schedule a consultation to learn more about how we can make this vacation a reality!

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