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Top 5 African Islands to Visit

When you think of the Motherland, do you think of an island paradise? Not many do, but it certainly can be under the right circumstances. On the coast of this massive continent are unique options for island getaways and exposure. With these islands, you’re sure to experience the gorgeous beaches, one-of-a-kind fauna, unique geography, and distinguished cultures. Here are some of the great islands you can visit off the coast of Africa....


While Mauritius is undoubtedly an idyllic beach destination (white, sandy beaches are quite literally everywhere!), the island has more to offer than just the beach. The natural landscape options are numerous and include a plush rainforest, waterfalls, and a supremely active water sports scene. Mauritius has one of the world’s best locations for windsurfing and kitesurfing. If you desire an island experience full of nature, Mauritius is the place for you.


Seychelles is an archipelago (otherwise known as an island chain) with 100 islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean. With that remote location, you have plenty of options, but they’re not difficult to navigate via boat ride. These islands will provide a breathtaking beach experience infused with a French-Creole cultural dining opportunity.


Zanzibar is Tanzania’s gem, and not far from the coast, it boasts one of the best locations to balance the mainland experience. Of course, you’ll witness the unforgettable beaches, but don’t fool yourself into thinking that’s all the island has to offer. If you prefer historical visits, there’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Stone Town. Since the archipelago was a critical trade hub, there are a ton of influences from Eastern Europe & Western Asia for you to explore.


Out of all the African islands, you’ve likely heard of Madagascar (it even has a movie empire heavily inspired by the wildlife), but what else do you know about the island? It really is home to lemurs and chameleons, and you can see plenty of them at the Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve, but the island is full of exciting activities. Feel free to visit the many National Parks or even the Nosy Sakatia, where you can enjoy sailing, fishing, snorkeling, and diving.

Cape Verde

Cape Verde is in the North Atlantic Ocean and is comprised of 10 Islands. One of the islands, Sal, is named for the historic commodity trading of salt, and there are actual Salt Flats that you can explore. Naturally, there are plenty of beaches for you to relax and veg out. Don’t be afraid to try the cuisine while you’re there; it’s full of Portuguese, Western European, and West African influences.

Islands are not typically what you think of when planning a vacation to Africa, but the continent’s beauty is that you have several options for an “island-style” vacation. The islands referenced above are only a small sample of available options, but entertaining an African island as your next destination is a great idea! At your leisure, schedule a consultation, and we can get started on making one of these beautiful islands the next destination for you!

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