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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why use a Travel Advisor?
    There are many great benefits using a Travel Advisor! A Travel advisor provides first-hand knowledge and experience, access and design services when they assist you in planning your perfect vacation experience. We save you time and protect your financial investment. From researching properties and protocols to the coordination of transfers, trains and planes, we handle the heavy lifting. As your Travel Advisor, I am committed to making sure you receive the best value for your travel dollars and that your experience is beyond your expectations! My job is to learn about the experience you want and then design the perfect "Destination For You". You deserve more than a cookie-cutter experience.
  • Do you charge planning fees and why should I pay them?
    Yes, we charge a non-refundable fee for our services. As a Travel Advisor and business owner, the services provided are based on years of professional expertise and education. Each trip contains multiple elements from accommodations, flights, and transfers to tours, each with its own set of rules and it is our job to do extensive research and planning to coordinate them into one cohesive unit which allows you to relax and anticipate your experience. You are hiring us to commit to working for you while keeping your best interest at heart. We can provide additional options through my vendor and consortia relationships that add value to your vacation experience. Visit our Services page to learn more.
  • Is it necessary to get Travel Insurance?
    While not mandatory, travel insurance should definitely be considered when planning your vacation. However, I will require ALL guests to sign a waiver if they do not purchase insurance that they accept all responsibility and costs in the event of calamity. I have seen too many accidents and unexpected emergencies happen to not have insurance and anyone making this choice is taking a very big risk. The consequences of that risk are 100% on you the guest. Travel insurance protects your travel investment. Click here for more information.
  • Do you price match online booking engines and other travel professionals?
    The short answer is "no". We have found that packages and locations advertised as "cheap or best price" usually do not meet the standards our clients desire. We strive to give you the BEST Value overall. We make every effort to prepare you for the cost you may incur from the beginning to the end. In addition, we are not in competition with other travel professionals. Ethically speaking, we will not undercut another travel professional to gain your business.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    We accept periodic payments towards your reservations. Unless specifically required by the terms and conditions of your reservation, periodic payments are optional and each payment should be at least $250.
  • Do you book groups for other people, clubs, organizations, etc and is there a fee?"
    I absolutely work with others to plan their private group itinerary. Please visit the Services page for more details.
  • Why do the small-group trip packages exclude airfare?
    Airfare is excluded in the trip packages for several reasons: (1) In most cases the packages listed on the website are available for anyone anywhere to book - making it impossible to include flights. (2) The land packages are often available months before flight schedules are published. (3) Choice of which airline people fly is based on many things: loyalty programs, choice of flight class, convenience etc. so the traveler does not have make any sacrifice to enjoy one of the trip packages. We provide general guidance to you for when to arrive in destination for the packages. However, note flights are included in our customized itinerary planning.
  • What is considered a small group?
    Depending on the vendor, a small group is either 10 people or 6-10 rooms traveling together.
  • I want to join one of your trip packages but don't have a roommate, do you offer Roommate matching?"
    No, but Single rates are available for each package.
  • Is there a time I should not use a Travel Advisor?
    Almost as important as the first question, if you are not sure take advantage of the consultation time to clarify, but there are instances you may be better off DIY'ing your trip. Air tickets (only) - Airlines do not have a relationship with travel professionals so most flight only tickets are purchased on the same consumer site you have access to. If you are interested in the cheapest option for everything – The best travel advisors bring VALUE to your experience, not cheap prices. That’s not to say you can’t get an affordable trip by working with a travel advisor. Travel Advisors want you to have the BEST vacation possible by seeking experiences that provide the best VALUE. Usually the cheapest options are cheap for a reason. We think you deserve better than that! If you can’t let go of control – If you must be the orchestrator of every minute of your life and your family’s life, working with a travel advisor probably isn’t for you. We love to take the stress of planning off your hands and the amount of time it takes to research, coordinate, and book off your plate, so that you can JUST ENJOY the best parts of a vacation. If you see no value in personalized perks – We love to personalize your trip with surprises here and there that match your likes and wants. We spend time making sure everything works seamlessly for you. We do our best to give every one of our clients the VIP treatment throughout their vacation with added amenities, special treatment, and surprise touches wherever possible. If you are not into that, no problem! We just want to warn you that we’re not trying to kill you with kindness – we’re trying to WOW you!

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