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One Destination at a Time…

Don’t you wish planning travel was as easy as selecting a destination, packing, and going? 


With the vast number of resorts, hotels, and tours available worldwide, you would think planning would be a piece of cake. Instead, you find yourself stuck in analysis paralysis, overwhelmed with information overload, online chatter, and even the opinions of your friends.


We plan custom stress-free vacations that align with your personal travel styles and desires, primarily to Mediterranean destinations and quiet gems in the Caribbean. 



Your vacation deserves to be about you.  Each trip is customized for you.


Planning for each experience begins with a complimentary consultation.


This time is spent together understanding who you are to create the best plan for your vacation.

Image by Elena Kloppenburg

We agree to work together, and the fun begins. 


Using the information gleaned from our consultation, we research and connect with specialized travel partners to turn your desires into a reality that is the perfect “destination for you.”


Your feedback ensures the itinerary, including special touches to elevate your experience, aligns with your wants.  


We will tweak it until it's perfect and you are satisfied.

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You reviewed and accepted the options you want; it is now in our hands to book and confirm all the trip components to ensure a seamless trip. 


We apply the payments and prepare the required documents.


Leading up to your trip, you can relax and prepare to enjoy the vacation created just for you.


Not only will you have an advocate from initial consultation throughout your entire trip, but you will also have the trip of your dreams without the hassle!

You deserve to eliminate the overwhelm and relax knowing that every detail is covered:

  • Seamless process from start to finish – comfort in knowing that all i’s are dotted and t’s crossed

  • Value-packed inclusions to maximize your time – private transfers, skip the line tickets, authentic experiences plus more

  • Immerse yourself in the culture of the destination, not worrying about paperwork 


At Destinations For You Travel...


Your time is valued as a precious commodity that you cannot just hit the do-over switch on.


You want your vacation to create memories, not stress.  Each trip should be as memorable as you are. You receive knowledgeable service personalized to your unique circumstances from an experienced traveler and advisor. 


Our professional research and planning fees start at $250 per household or reservation.

Happy Senior Couple


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All packages include the following

  • Custom itinerary design

  • Private transfers and recommendations for customized tours

  • Travel logistics management

  • Mobile app with travel itinerary, reservations, details, and vouchers

  • Hard copy travel documents

  • Destination and experience tips

  • Group booking page to simplify the reservation process

  • 24-hour in-destination support for emergencies


Vacations are personal and not something quickly picked off the shelf.


Your personalized itinerary includes customized tours to suit your interests, the ideal blend of relaxation and exploration to fit your travel style.

Our professional fees start at $250.

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Image by Mohau Mannathoko

Group travel is an excellent way to spend quality time with your friends and family.  It doesn’t matter how often you choose to travel together exploring new and exciting destinations; the experience with the group should be fun, stress-free, and have a balance to please everyone.

Our professional fees start at:

  • Small-Group (less than ten (10) rooms) – $650

  • Groups 10 rooms or larger – $1250


Ocean and river cruising gives you the luxury to unpack once and explore a new destination daily.


You decide whether to sail to a destination or through the heart of the destination on the river.


Many cruises depart from areas that offer many things to explore.


What better way to explore the city where you start or stop your cruise than by doing so either before or after your cruise itinerary.


Ready to get started?

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