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Top Towns on the Amalfi Coast

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

What if you were told about a region you probably haven’t heard of but would 100% visit if you knew about it? In this case, that would be the Amalfi Coast! Sitting in the Eastern Mediterranean, with a view toward the Tyrrhenian Sea and Gulf of Salerno, the Amalfi Coast is one of the tucked gems of the Mediterranean (however, it’s still a popular jet setting location for Europeans). It’s composed of 13 towns with unique charm but the collective identity of a Southern Italy coastal town.

Keep reading to learn about the top towns on the Amalfi Coast….


Amalfi, the region’s namesake, is the former capital of the Duchy of Amalfi, a maritime republic and critical trade partner between the 9th and 12th centuries. The most popular attractions in the town include Saint Andrew’s Cathedral (which has a beautiful view and overlooks the heart of the town), the Arsenal of the Maritime Republic, and the Museum of Handmade Paper. Don’t miss out on the limoncello (a liqueur commonly produced in the region known for cultivating lemons.


Technically, Ravello is not “seaside” but rather “above sea,” yet, this is what makes the town so special! Because of the elevation and proximity to the coast, Ravello has robust vegetation to complement the picturesque views. Similar to the other towns on the Amalfi coast, you’ll find culturally rich Italian Villas and expertly crafted Cathedrals throughout town.


A visit to Atrani is worth your while, as you can make it dual purpose in either geographic direction (one takes you to Amalfi, which is nearby, and the other is a scenic route to Ravello via the trail!). Like the neighboring towns, you’ll have easy access to Cathedrals, local fare, and beautiful views!


Positano is probably the most popular among all the Amalfi Coast towns and is well-known for its architecture and picturesque views (a pervasive theme in the Amalfi Coast). Shopping in Positano is slightly different from some of the other towns – handmade goods from leather sandals to exclusive linen create what’s known as “Moda Positano” or Positano fashion, which is typically handcrafted with soft and lightweight materials. If you’re into beach visits, Positano has several noteworthy locations - Spiaggia Grande, Laurito & Fornillo, to name a few!


We couldn’t talk Italy without talking about food, so for the pasta-lovers, this one’s for you! Minori has a long history of cultivating and producing handmade pasta, so get your flavor palettes ready. Alongside the pasta-making tradition, two must-see attractions include the historical Roman Villa and the Basilica of Santa Trofimena. Once you’re done with those, you can head back to one of the many mills and factories to grab some more of that delicious pasta!

Scheduling a trip to the Amalfi Coast is a treat for your senses and a great way to immerse yourself in Mediterranean culture while still getting access to all the things you love about vacation. When you’ve decided that the Amalfi Coast is your next destination or for more information about the region, set up a consultation, and we’ll craft the perfect vacation for you!

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