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Top 5 Day Trips From Amsterdam

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Amsterdam is a beautiful, international city in the heart of the Netherlands. There’s plenty to do, and it’s a tourist-friendly town. But just in case you’d like to spread out your experience, you can! There are some excellent day trips that you can set up to get a complete picture of the area. Most importantly, making a day trip is accessible with a centralized location and a rented car (or train!).

Here are 5 Day Trips from Amsterdam that are worth exploring:


With Amsterdam being in such a great location for traveling, taking a short trip to Belgium can certainly be a worthwhile adventure. In Bruges, you can start your journey by visiting the Markt Square – a brilliant display of local culture where you can find plenty of local fare and experiences. Making this trip even more doable is the short walk to the Basilica of the Holy Blood (home of a cloth stained with the blood of Jesus Christ). Of course, you can’t close a trip to Bruges without tasting some of the world-famous Belgian Chocolate. Two absolutely must-visits for Chocolate are the Bonifacius Bridge and Walpein Square – enjoy!

Keukenhof Gardens

The Netherlands is home to a beautiful landscape, and if you’re a fan of nature, one of the most robust flower gardens in the world is in Lisse, at the Keukenhof Gardens. Particularly if you enjoy photography, this is a can’t miss attraction. Get ready for the floral explosion!

The Hague

The Hague is a sampler of what The Netherlands is truly about in terms of a cultural explosion. The Dutch Parliament (inside the Binnenhof Building), M.C. Escher Museum, or even the Dutch Royal Family – The Hague is genuinely a microcosm of the Netherlands!


Haarlem is the most straightforward day trip that you can make from Amsterdam, as it’s the closest. Like many towns and cities in the Netherlands, you’ll find plenty of local fare and culture. To start, feel inspired by the museums in the city (Frans Hals & Teyler’s) or head to the Grote Markt square (home to many sights, including the Grote Kerk, a fascinating Gothic cathedral). Then, to complete your trip, head to the shopping district to experience the boutique stores.


Rounding out your day trip experiences is the administrative capital of the European Union and the capital of Belgium - Brussels. One of the more popular attractions is the Grand Palace – an awe-inspiring palace with decorative abundance (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). If you visit during the summer, you may even catch the installation of the flower carpet! Keeping with the nature theme, schedule a visit to the Le Botanique, a greenhouse with a beautiful surrounding garden. And, of course, you’ll have to close your day trip with a chocolate tour. Yum!

Day trips are an excellent tool for extending a vacation to one city. If you happen to find yourself in Amsterdam, you’re in luck because it’s in such a unique position being centrally located. I’m looking forward to working with you to set up your trip to Amsterdam as well as your day trips outside of the city. Talk to you soon!

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