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Top 5 Cities for First Time International Travel

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

International travel can be an overwhelming experience if you’re not comfortable with an extreme change of scenery. In some cases, you’ll have to deal with cultural differences, language barriers, as well as significant geographic or climate change. I’d like to present five options that make your first-time traveling a smooth experience internationally. Of course, there are the more popular options that I’ll detail, but I also want to introduce some other ideas that are worth considering as well!


One of the ways to simplify travel for your first time is to connect experiences from your home life, and for Barcelona, the easiest way is food! You can find tapas, wine (sangria too), seafood galore, and the all too famous Paella. There’s food for every single person in Barcelona, with influences from across the Mediterranean. If nightlife is your thing, Barcelona is one of the liveliest European cities for clubs and bars. To wrap it all up, you can veg out at the beach and close your first trip in style.


Oh, this one’s easy. And by easy, I mean the transition from stateside to abroad! Londontown is about the smoothest international experience you’ll have given the similarities between the U.S. and England. On your first international trip, visit the ancient architecture, familiar-but-cosmopolitan cuisine, experience travel via the “Tube,” and 2000 years of rich history. From a language perspective, they speak English, and you can’t get any easier than that!


Bonjour! Ca va! The city of love is waiting for you! Fortunately, there is a well-traveled path from tourists before you and more than enough activities to enjoy this trip. Some attractions that might interest you include the Louvre (if you’re into the arts), Arc De Triumph, Notre Dame, or Moulin Rouge. Travel within the city is effortless given the metro system, and a description of Paris wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the incredible fashion and cuisine. After visiting, you might even become obsessed with travel (or France).


Lisbon is the first city on the list that you might not know. As the capital of Portugal, Lisbon is a city of hills and a genuinely worldly experience for travels. Portuguese is the city’s language, though, given its proximity to Spain and international status, you’ll hear Spanish and English spoken as well (+1 for simple travel experiences). Lisbon also offers an expansive street art scene and more than enough delicious food to make you reconsider food in the states! Lastly, I can’t say enough about the views (Lisbon is a city of seven hills!), so you can’t go wrong.


If you haven’t heard of Copenhagen, you’re in for a treat when you arrive. Especially if you’re a foodie, this is the place for you! Full of culinary markets and abundant culture, this tourist-friendly town (English is spoken throughout the city!) is an excellent gateway to begin your travel portfolio.

Take a deeper look at these 5 cities, and feel free to schedule a consultation. I’m happy to make any of them the next destination for you!

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