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How to Engage in Slow Travel

Have you heard of “slow travel”? When you go on vacation, do you find yourself zipping through an itinerary but not getting enough time in any one location? If so, then this travel paradigm may be just the thing for you.

Slow travel is an approach or mindset for traveling that emphasizes authentically experiencing the culture of the destinations you visit. The foundation is rooted in the notion that travel is an emotive, educational tool rather than simply visiting all the hotspots in an area. Slow travel was borne out of the “slow food” Italian movement, which attempts to apply a similar concept but for food. Instead of focusing on fast food, the slow food movement encourages authentic, regional dishes so that traditional methods are not lost, and the food itself becomes a mechanism for socializing. Here are several ways you can use slow travel methods on your next vacation:

Target Local Living

Imagine when you visit a location that you live there already. By being friendly, conversant, and “with the flow” of the area, you’ll find others will engage with you more simply. From these conversations, you’ll get a sense of where people who live there go to eat, hang out and have fun, or their favorite places in town.

Don’t Make a List

Cramming typically happens when you make a list, and as you start to visit the places on your list, you run into a time crunch. Well, how about reworking the concept of a list? Instead of specific activities, maybe consider making a small list of cultural experiences, with items such as “learn about the fun places in town” or, better yet, ditch the list altogether. Allow your eyes and experiences in town to determine your itinerary, and see where it leads.

Open yourself to Opportunities

Traveling is the perfect opportunity to open yourself to new experiences. Where you would usually say ‘no,’ say ‘yes.’ As you open yourself to new ideas, you may find that you enjoy doing something new and now that you have a new activity, you’ll meet more people and expand your horizons.

Appreciate the differences

Most places you schedule a vacation for are likely to be quite different than home, but that’s the point! You should relish the chance to witness how someone thousands of miles away does things, from cooking to music to dance and other culturally distinct activities. With this experience, you can take some ideas back home and have that be one of the best souvenirs you could ever ask for. Let these creative differences be even more of a reason you take your time, so you can truly appreciate the nuance of a different culture.

Slow travel is an approach that costs no money (in fact, it can save you money by not paying for tourist prices), stretches your comfort zone, and gives you a new way to explore a destination. Once you’ve decided slow travel is the style for you, schedule a consultation, and we can design the perfect template for your visit, where you’ll fill in the details once you arrive.

Looking forward to hearing from you and excited to make the next destination a slow travel destination!

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