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Barcelona – Top 5 Experiences in Mediterranean Paradise

One of the trendiest, yet bespoke, vacation destinations in the world, Barcelona, Spain, is a traveler’s dream. You’re likely aware of all the beaches and fun nightlife opportunities, but there’s a bit more to the Barcelona experience than you might be privy to. As Spain’s port and commercial center, Barcelona gives you access to worldly influences, cultural diversity, and the ultimate vacation destination. Not to mention, you’ll find the magnificent architecture & influence of Antoni Gaudi throughout the city!

So to diversify your trip, here are the five best experiences for your visit to Barcelona:

Flamenco Dancing

Although Flamenco did not originate in Barcelona, it’s home to some of the best flamenco dancers in Spain. Technically an import from Andalusia (Southern Spain), Flamenco dancing is filled with intense emotion, and the elements of the style itself are influenced by Spanish, Romani (Gypsy), and Moorish culture. You’ll find plenty of shows throughout the city, but if you want to experience it by doing, take a class with any of the qualified instructors. You’ll be emitting emotion in no time!

Picasso Museum

Antoni Gaudi is not the only artist with works in Barcelona; Pablo Picasso has an extensive permanent collection (3,500 works!) available for viewing in the Picasso Museum. The museum contains pieces from his artistic formative years and sections for painting/drawing, engraving, and ceramics. As with many of the cultural experiences in Barcelona, the museum provides self-guided and guided tours. Make sure to stop by the Picasso Museum and experience one of the greatest and most prolific artists of the 20th century!

Hop-on, Hop-Off Bus Tour

One of the most effective ways to get exposure to an entire city is a Bus tour. The benefits of experiencing the city via bus tour are pretty robust, with the highlight being that you can plan your adventure (is there a better kind?). If you have certain must-visit activities on your itinerary but still want to see the city, a Hop-on, Hop-off Bus Tour is the perfect opportunity where you’ll even get access to a discount pricing booklet that is certainly worthwhile.

Bunkers El Carmel

For travelers who enjoy pure scenes, the Bunkers El Carmel is the spot for you. At the top of the Turo de La Rovira hill, you’ll find historical military bunkers that provide not only a defensive vantage point but a panoramic view of the city. While the original purpose of the bunkers was to defend against used aircraft during the Spanish Civil War, they’re now one of the best-kept secrets of Barcelona!

Mercat de Santa Caterina

Barcelona is highly regarded for its wide range of culinary experiences and typifies Mediterranean food culture. One of the best ways to get a taste of Barcelona is to head to Mercat de Santa Caterina. This market has local produce, market-only specialties, food stalls, and other gems that your average foodie desires! While strolling through the market, feel free to admire the modern architecture and enjoy your food!

As a Dreamworthy Destination, there are many experiences you can have in Barcelona, but this small list represents some of the awesome things you can do while you’re there. Schedule a consultation, and we can make Barcelona the next destination for you!

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