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12 Best Greek Foods to Experience in Your Lifetime

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Fresh ingredients? Check. Tons of flavor? Check. Greek food is a bountiful mix of influences that all contribute to something that tastes delicious! Even their traditional recipes are quite healthy and hearty, which will leave you wanting more. The great news? There’s a ton of excellent restaurants, eateries, and cafes all over. So, to help you figure out what Greek dish you’re going to order next, here are 12 of the best Greek foods to experience in your lifetime…

Greek Meze

Greek meze is a blend of bite-sized foods (indeed a “bite” size). Depending on where you order it, you can find a wide range of foods, from red peppers to octopus, hot or cold. Given their size, they make perfect appetizers!


Magirefta refers to any slow-cooked, homemade meal made in Greece. This is in contrast to food cooked on the grill, which gives it a distinct flavor profile. Magirefta may be prepared in several ways, with the most notable being katsarola (deep pot) or tapsi (deep baking tray).


On the opposite end of the spectrum of meal prep, there is Souvlaki, which refers to Greek fast food. The name is somewhat of a misnomer and much healthier than U.S. fast food. This cuisine can include gyros, meat and vegetable skewers, grilled turkey patties, seasoned rice, and much more.

Greek Taverna

A Taverna is a small, family-run Greek restaurant with a menu with bread, meats, vegetables, stews, soups, and wine. Besides the great food, you can enjoy an authentic piece of Greek culture through socializing and dancing.

Greek Deli

You can’t leave Greece without visiting a Greek Deli. Meats and cheeses galore, these Delis will have a selection that’s difficult to find in the states. A Greek delicatessen will certainly test your palette.

Greek Wines

As one of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world, you should take every opportunity you can to enjoy Greek wine. There are many opportunities to taste - wine bars, markets, or even tavernas are home to some of the best Greek wines around.

Greek Spirits

The production of Greek Spirits, while not as popular as Greek Wine, has an essential place in Greek Cuisine. Traditional varieties such as ouzo, masticha, and raki, along with liquors like Kumquat, are a must-try!

Greek Coffee

Coffee is a big deal throughout the Mediterranean, but especially in Greece. Traditional Greek coffee is exceptionally bold in flavor and a definite contrast to the coffee in the states. Make sure to stop by a shop during your visit.

Greek Desserts

Greek desserts are sound investments for your sweet tooth. When you’re ready to indulge, feel free to try zaharoplasteio (pastries) and many other sweets - kataifi, milopita, galaktoboureko, and loukoumades.

Local Farmer’s Market

What better way to get fresh ingredients and freshly prepared meals than visit one of the many local farmer’s markets? Laiki, as they are known in Greece, is an unquestioned leader in the cuisine experiences for tourists.

Greek Street Food

Street food is an authentic way to experience the way locals eat. Besides being affordable, you’ll find some of the most famous Greek selections, from gyros to koulourakia.


As one of Greece’s most treasured authentic dishes, you must try moussaka. This dish includes slow-cooked meats, eggplant, and cheeses served as a casserole.

If you’re looking to expand your palette, Greek food is a unique way to experience global influence. If you’re interested in learning more about Greek food culture, set up a consultation, and we’ll get started on making Greece the next destination for you!

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