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The Best Experiences in Florence

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Florence is the quintessential Italian city. Culture, history, cuisine, and architecture are just some of the activities you can do. One of the best features of Florence is its walkability – you're able to experience the entire city on foot (a great way to save on transportation!). Keep reading to learn about some of the best experiences in Florence…

Explore the Art and Architecture

Florence is a fertile ground for artists, present and past. Every building, space, and structure is emblematic of trademark Italian style and substance. Set up a visit to grand piazzas like the Piazza della Signoria or even places of worship such as the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore (which includes the Duomo) to get an authentic experience with the traditional style of the city. Suppose you'd like to experience other art forms. In that case, you can head to the Uffizi Gallery, which holds a dense collection of well-known works with many from the Italian Renaissance, including Michelangelo's David. By making art and architecture a focal point of your trip, you'll be satisfied!

Picnic in the Boboli Gardens

Directly behind Pitti Palace are the Boboli Gardens designed for the powerful Medici family. The gardens embody the traditional "Italian style" and are expertly maintained. You can create an afternoon that fits your every mood – an idyllic stroll through the gardens, a picnic, or a more solitary experience with a book. Make sure to take some time and fit the Boboli Gardens in your itinerary for Florence.

Discover the Magic of Tuscany

As the capital of Tuscany, Florence is almost perfectly situated to visit other parts of the region. It's not far from some quaint yet interesting towns and high-quality wineries. Easy day trips include Siena, Pisa (home of the Leaning Tower), and San Gimignano. If you're into experiencing vineyards, then Tuscany is the perfect region for you.

Culinary Delight

Italian cuisine is one of the best reasons to visit Florence – you can rest assured you won't be disappointed. The city is full of opportunities to sample the classics like pizza (the original, Italian style), carbonara, and gelato. Still, there are also some regional specialties, such as panzanella or fettunta, that you'll want to try. Want to take your culinary experience to the next level? Consider taking a cooking class and learn from the best!

This list of four experiences is only a sample of what Florence has to offer. The best way to get the full taste is to visit in person! When you're ready, schedule a consultation, and together we'll make Florence the next destination for you!

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