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Croatia has become a popular destination  to


The area is full of beautiful coastal cities, beaches, vineyards, lavender fields and great cuisine.


Even though the rich and famous go here to relax and party, you do not have to break the bank if you are looking to explore coastal towns, a foodie, beach lover and want to enjoy scenic drives.

It's a guarantee that you will want to come back again and again to experience more of what the area has to offer.


No matter how much time you spend, you really can't go wrong. Everywhere you turn you will find beautiful buildings, food, beaches and amazing views.

Enjoy the culture, art, diverse landscapes and some of the best beaches around.

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Best Time to Visit: You can visit this area all year depending on what you want to do. Spring and Fall are ideal, especially June and September. The crowds have started to dwindle. The beaches are crowded in the summer.

Language Spoken: Standard Croatian, a South Slavic language is the official language. English is widely understood and spoken as well.

Top 5 Things to Do & See:

Get dressed in your after 5 attire and enjoy a gaming lesson at famed Monte Carlo Casino

Walking tour of Nice,

Explore the coastal towns by land and sea

Tour the excavation site at Pompeii

Day trip to Milan

Bonus: Day trip to Milan

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